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Crocks & codgers



Crocks and Codgers FC is a West Riding Affiliated Football Club proudly boasting over 100 members with a broad spectrum of ages, sizes and levels of ability. We have games in Halifax, Lightcliffe, Pellon, Huddersfield and Elland on most days of the week. 


Our flagship team is the C&C Veterans (35+) side which plays in the Huddersfield and Halifax Veterans Division; a good standard of competition. 


At the other end of the spectrum is our much loved 9 aside Sunday afternoon game open to all shapes and sizes! This in fact was our original game, starting out as a 5 aside game in early 2017. 


Throughout this journey we’ve been kitted out by S66 and we were in fact one of Tom’s first major clients and there has been a great relationship ever since with a number of large orders being placed which shows how happy we are with the quality of the merchandise.

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